Smartmark 24

Smartmark is the ultimate automated sales and marketing agent with the ability to understand your business 60 seconds of application on your website, test out our demo by putting in your web address.

Google Marketing services

Our goal is to create targeted traffic for our clients in the top two tiers of Google search, before Google PPC clients show up on search results. Google Search Box optimization will get your business the entire page on Google with no competition on the keywords that you choose in your area(Contacts us for special pricing national keywords). Google Local Service Ads will place your business in the top 3 listing for your niche, with phone calls direct from google of people that are looking for what you do. We manage the Local Service campaign to make sure you are getting the most out of this solution.

Other Marketing Solutions

Facebook Ads “Results Marketing”

Facebook Ads” Results Marketing” – Our “Facebook Innovation Awards Winning Team” will build a reach and frequency program where we will guarantee a certain number of people will see your ad at least six times, which increases the chance of getting a response. We will send real time notifications as leads come in.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to market a product or service, our process involves target marketing with over 250 filters to reach your target audience.

Pay Per Revenue Promotions “Free Advertising”

Advertise cash back promotions on major high traffic websites like Bank of America, United Airlines, Yelp, Hilton Honors etc. You don’t pay until a user connects their credit card to your ad and uses it to pay you. We track this program on our system. This solution is tailor made for service businesses like restaurants, bars, spas, lodging, massage parlors, cigar lounges, hookah bars