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Consultation and Education

We begin by providing a free summary of your Equifax credit report and setting up a consultation with a FICO expert to help you understand your credit report. Our expert educates you about items of interest, both positive and negative, that are impacting your credit score.

Identifying Pain Points

From there, you can use Primerich Literacy online portal to point out items for dispute. These can be unverifiable, outdated, misleading, or just plain incorrect. We’ll file those disputes with the credit bureaus for you.

Continue Building Credit

Disputing the inaccuracies on the credit report is only one part of the credit restoration process. We understand that to have stellar credit, building the positives is an absolute must. That’s why we provide credit builder tools that can help you establish good credit history.

Unlock The Keys to Financial Success with Our Tailored Services

Credit Repair

Take control of your credit score and open doors to new opportunities.


Tax Services

Maximize your refunds and minimize your stress with our expert tax assistance.


Life Insurance Services

Protect your family’s future with comprehensive life insurance coverage.


About us

Primerich Literacy

Primerich Literacy target customer either has a low credit score but needs funding to start a business, get a car loan, mortgage or even a vacation etc but they are unable to because the banks do not trust them and the credit bureau are reporting negative things about their consumer activites. Or they have a good credit score but need a better credit profile to get approved for additional funding. They don’t know what banks like to see and know which bank to go to get funded or what to do to remove negative items on their credit.

Primerich Literacy

Primerich Literacy will get small business owners approved for $50k-$150k+ in 0% interest funding with credit card stacking and set up every qualified client to be repeatedly fundable. Client success is our only focus. Every credit profile and bank relationships is different. After we do a consultation and look at your situation, we will lay out a game plan to take you from low credit or inadequate credit profile to a new and upgraded profile that every bank wants to fund!

Get $50,000 to $150,000+ in Business funding at 0% interest completely done for you

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