About Us

Primerich Literacy target customer either has a low credit score but needs funding to start a business, get a car loan, mortgage or even a vacation etc but they are unable to because the banks do not trust them and the credit bureau are reporting negative things about their consumer activites. Or they have a good credit score but need a better credit profile to get approved for additional funding. They don’t know what banks like to see and know which bank to go to get funded or what to do to remove negative items on their credit.

Primerich literacy will help remove collections, bankruptcies, charge offs inquiries, chexsystems, early warning snd teach them how to take control and change their credit profile so that banks will start trusting them.

With ThePrimerich Literacy, you get

Extreme clarity on how credit works

Client success is our only focus. Every credit profile and bank relationships is different. After we do a consultation and look at your situation, we will lay out a game plan to take you from low credit or inadequate credit profile to a new and upgraded profile that every bank wants to fund!
  • Step by step solution focus plan on getting to a 700+ credit score
  • How to build a credit profile that lenders love
  • How to reduce your credit utilization without your own money
  • Knowing how to get funded with a lower credit score
  • Clarity about how banks make their decisions
  • How to get approved for higher credit limits

Get $50,000 to $150,000+ in Business funding at 0% interest completely done for you

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